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Stock 521 rims for sale.
2.3 litre l20b on ebay
Want to trade 94 mazda 626 in 85901 area. . . .
1970 521 for sale
looking for 74 620 pickup flywheel
window crank
New to forums; and a brake question..
What has everyone been up to?
im new and i got some questions
Converting from 6 bolt to 5 bolt wheels
Converting pre 78's to disc brakes
620 King cab search
Did Canadian 620's have vent windows...?
finding a new bed
tranny sensors
replacement clutch "issues"...?
521 rear-end
taillight lens
18 escaldes
620 Starter problem
Which 5spd will fit the 620?
L320 Brake Seals
620 rear bubble window
Sendy me your swapped out dogbones....
sr20det in a 1967 520??
1972 datsun 521 l16 timing trouble
oil pressure??
new guy with a 620
color coded wires???
Steering Box bearing
rims,,, and hello!!
Going to have alot of question
fuel pump problem?
exhaust ???
I'm the new guy with a 320 & 520
New addition to the family
78 L20B engine
truck backfiring
73 Datsun 620 still for sale
Service Manual 1973 620- L16 & L18
73 620 won't start :(
(Where to buy a?) 620 driveshaft carrier bearing??
79' 620 Distributor Problem
new clutch in my 720 4wd
headlight ???
L-16/18/20 head on Z-22 block?
happy holidays
truck not firing
z trans problem
disc brake brackets (ebay?)
620 4X4
looking for info
hitahci carb
ignition change
Its been fun...
73 620 5 lug/disc brake conversion
Anyone know this truck
71 for 200
crank shaft spocett
Right Hand Drive Datsuns Q's
bench seat
5 speed tranny for l20b
J13 Question
521 disc brake parts swap
64 320 - heater core leak
521 Datsun truck
too rich?
naps z ignition
New guy
Temperature guage wire
1 wire gm alternator swap
73 Datsun 620 For sale
clutch replacement, 71 521
not really truck related but sorta...
reso design
74 620 4x4 Finally !!!!
VG30 in 521
Front Bumper Conversion for L320???
nap-z camshaft question
521 Frame Help
console pictures and parts
1965 Datsun L320 Rear Axel Bearing??
throttle cable
interior parts
521 Grill needed....
3rd Japanese Classic Car Show in Long Beach, CA
gas mileage
Another stupid question...
smoked my L20b, need a new one!
J13 engine
disc's on a 77
pics of 620 console
updated pics 521
I need some help 320 PU
Junk Yard Report
Check out this ebay gem!
MC Pushrod...
Power Steering for 80 Datsun Pickup
521 parts desperately needed!
fuel pump block
guess im not the only datsun fanatic. MY 521
it's a miracle !!!
Diesels when warm
best distributor donor for Elec dist?
Liner solutions?
the 620 electronic dizzy guide?
Sweet 75 In Redmond, need 5 speed!
Diesel for my 720?
leaf springs
Adding Twin SU's - What Part Numbers?
1966/67 L520 J-13 ss w/ lots of spares
Stroked L20B Project... Need Advice
521 620 pickup disc brake caliper bracket ebay
Advice for 5 spd to Auto Tranny Swap
My 72' 620 with 327
tahoes on a 521 rears rub
521 Door Panel Pics Needed
proper 521 radiator cap
320 ball joint front end
:drool: Going to look at it this weekend!
620 vg30
Greeting from Rusty
Local Hardbody with SR20DET
tranny knock
Headlight switch
720 clear corners
I have no clutch!!!
81 datsun deisel
72' 620 steering colum
Datsuns in movies........
2007 Japanese Classic Car Show
rough idleing on 82 datsun truck
lil help on what goes with what
wierd sound
Webber carb
canby meet
motor swap?
new to the 620 game
Alternator not charging...
my 620
on the road again(and off)
can anyone help?
Couple Junkyard Finds!
A few pics of my truck
weber carb on J13 engine
upgrade points to hei??? anyone help
KA hi vol. oil pump
521 radiator swap
Master Cylinder...anyone wanna help me out?
For the rich guys
1300 head
620 king cab
Pulling engine
Looking for 521 steering wheel
Timing Chain Help
Got my dream truck!
Selling my '79 KC
Hitachi carbs
71 in a 55
steering box
????521 body drop
Brake Booster in a pl521?
Good evening
tranny uprade
gauge needles
engine noise
620 windsheilds
620 spotted Decent!
223 or not 223...
Belt wheatherstriping
got some work done today
smog stuff
possible 620
Ta Hell with Rubber gaskets
lowered 74', another 620!!!
fused front bearing????
Datsun/Jeep 6 lug ?
521 door seals
ISO Free 620 Bed...
Okie NAPA guys dont speak Datsun
electronic dizzy help
Another wheels question
correct speedometer gearing?
Metal Dash Wanted...
kingpin flip
Removing Smokers Windows
dually 720
bed cover
Water in the gas
pics of your wheels...
DATSUN 620 Bullet Side Tailgate **MINT CONDITION**
STARTED the tune-up...
new to forum
73 front sus
720 dropblock question
Fog Lights?
hard steering
AirDam and RollPan installed check it out guys
gettin there!
Pitman arm removal?
Compression Tested :)
possible jdm l18 for sale
Tired Subject.. SR20DET.. red top black top JDM?
new goodies for truck!
gas tank and bed
ka24 with 5 speed w/computer
Possible Datsun steering box Q
maybe blowby?
Datsun steering link Q
Hi! I just got a 521 pickup!
getting core support off
weird noise, clanking sound
Help me choose an engine
Anybody got the transistor box wiring diag?
compression tester
Condenser/Points part numbers......L-Gurus
fuel problem
Electronic dist. on a 320..possible?
Historic day
My new 1600
320 rookie.need help
Another New Ride
front suspension
ahhh crap!
How to build an l20b
timing problem
620 bench seat
gasser 521
where can i get head bolts for l20b
Stubborn tie rod removal
Carb problems finally blew up :(
It must be Datsun if it doesn't Start!!!
Probably a redundant Question...
]2eDeYe were arer you!!
New too datsun's
help on jdm rebuild
fuel delivery problem
uht oh!
will this fit my 521
Maybe an engine swap....
bummer news
L 20 rebuild
Not over 60mph
Jewel on Ebay
Factory Tach
another one for me
to paint or not to paint
Check Out This CL Truck
521 Not Running....Long Read :(
Help with wheels
Get ready for show season....
I’d buy that for a dollar.
hub/axle bore size..?
L 320 gaskets
New Clutch
521 ifs
push button start
Ka24e 620 write-up done :)
Final Drive Ratio and How to tell?
I finally finished them!!!
oil pressure
clogged main jet?
Tee shirts
painting ENG / Frame / Undercarrige
Truck won’t stay on!
dam near lost it
Truck for Bleach?
That Smell
Round Port Headers
can panels be shared between...
L16 14in vacuum...
Interested in setting up a map???
SU questions...
whats needed to swap a 5spd in a 620?
my ka on the road (on ice)
fitted the new wheels / tires
head gasket
tuning my webber
Not a rock crawler
Great deal on a pair of mikuni side draft
has anyone seen this?
adjusting the brakes
somebody needs to grab this
New starter still very weak
Sad update on my turbo truck =(
Vin #’s and Engine #’s
head bolts / torquin them / water leakin
will a bench seat bolt in a king cab?
ok, the pics of the new 76 jdm with info
76 620 long bed question
i got a free starter!!
everyones ride pictures
it finally happened!
Very Good 4-Link Information
Hey Washington guys......
Air Fuel Ration Gauges
Electric Fuel Pump
Brake Line & General Hydraulic Question
spot for mechanical oil gauge help
Resolutions 2006
Diesel in a 620??
Sourced a KA
watch out!
no nighttime driving!
thank you >^_^<
new stereo
anyone replaced the radiator?
tires / wheels / spacers / lug nuts
Recent Pic of 521
well.....I found a small leak!
cool 620s.
my new patch
What tires should i put on the Tahoe rims
Need engine vent tube
620 drawing
my condensor?
620’s spotted
will these wheels fit my 620??
bolt-in x-member
question for Hainz
With Christmas coming up...............
slotted mag rims 6 lug
question bout Alt.
I finally got it! 78 620
520 Windshields are NOT the same as 521.
gas tank
suspension ideas
Peanut head question
Turbo Oil Pump....
People down the street
correct front end lowering?
what the dizzy?
16x8 z71 moderns
custom 521 frame
Wow 90 psi...not good
1975 620 w/discs at pick ’n pull....?
My throw out went out...i think.
mystery relay
Bucket Seats?
sup guys
back window
Datsun parts
new member my 620
Where to buy tie rod ends
air ride on a 620
new 73 620
new to the forum
Pics of the Farmtruck
’69 4x4 build
Anyone tear apart their Tranny?
Dual Master on 521 pics and suggestsions
Datsun Rock Crawler
521 parts or project
Selling my ’82 KC
Anyone looking for some cheap wheels?
521 alternator ??
what a day
521 disc brake upgrade
I need a 73 datsun tranny and drive line
driveshafts - 1 piece vs. 2 piece
Replacement 620 sheetmetal
Broken EGR Manifold...
some people
1964 Pickup parts
S/C KA24E or SBC?
WTF happened to the truck section?
Plese tell me these blocks are the same..
auto transmission overdrive
Painless "headlight" wiring...?
620 motorhome at JY
Questions for those w/Titan wheels
I think I just got a NUT!!!>>>>
Afew pics of the KA
521 Fuse Panel
sorry didnt look hard enough
Riddle me this
Tension Rod Bushings
phantom grip LSD
I Positively have crankcase ventilation
Panhard bar?
521 Guys check this out
521 Drums Same Front and Rear?
i need a carb for my 521 l16
v6 engine & auto transmittion for sale
what where is my regulator 620
This is what I want
sluggish acceleration
Who here has swaped in a V6?
bleeding the clutch
my 521
WTF 11mmx1.25 bolt???
Brakes on my 620
Blue 521 on TV show
521 wiring...?
Anyone need 520 parts?
If anyone wants QX56 wheels........
L16 and Dogleg swap into 67 520???
skyline powered 521
Steering wheel adapter 521????
85 720 random fuel/spark drop.
My 620 broke down...again...questions?
Intake/exaust gasket?
Some Pics Of My Turbo Truck
head gasket question on L motor?
Temp Sender
Just bought a 76 620
Sask. Trucks
WTB: SoCaL 1975 and older Datsun truck
J13 520 parts
Parts interchangeability
My brake lights are on.
New wheels
Spy Photo - my next truck
Windshield install
koni shocks Pinto
Dual Master on 521 Questions
Japaneese Classic Car Show
What a PITA!
a good week
Chev ute, or datsun?
521 with a Grand National Turbo V6!
Poly bushings
521 interior goodies red switch knobs ?
NL320!!! It’s mine!!
new guy here
Wheel Specs for trucks
how do i install my rear 521 window?
Moving, looking for some help.
timing trouble
smallblock 520.... going, going....
$@*! WTF!
Parting of 521...
Oct 7th meet in Olympia
72 521 datsun mirrors for sale
Pretty Engine
Where can I get???
1965 Pickup
Can’t miss this one!
Interesting idea
Ben Pila L20b
620 wheels
My First Datsun
my old 1200
Some Eye Candy For You Guys!
new member from austrailia
z22 carb problems
What is it?
Seeking a thread
521 spindals
Hi all.
My new toy finally
a little
my 521. want to do a ka swap.
Needed- pic of emissions sticker
Datsun Disease
Looking at this truck (620)
521 stuff for sale.
J13 parts
L/Z flywheel
Can you still find pl521’ in CA for $500?
Drive shaft
Which carb came on a J13???
Wish list - Dash and stuff
Four Barrel Holley
4wd suspension parts on 2wd (620)
Wife’s working now....
bushings and things
Window cranks
1998 Civic Seats For Sale ***Lots of Pics
620 bumper brackets
Will this ignition work? (ebay)
newbert to the board
Check out this wild NL320
tbi on L20
New pic’s of my 620
Block Crack Info
testing egr valve
Long Time HELLO... free 429 Ford
Yo Icehouse...brrrr
One of a kind Datsun
Score! I think?
gasket parts sorce?
Vapor-Liquid Separator
Important! Need answer fast.
My 3 cylinder HAULS!
Pics of my 521 project
This 5 speed is going into my 521
rear end
dual point removal
1979 Sunline Camper on E-bay
signals don’t work, arm’s getting tired
welcome me to the 620 kc club [8D]
EGR valve
ball joints
Color your own datsun
Anyone know a good chrome plater?
Speedometer driving lesson
Looking for parts!!
SR20 swap
so anopther dumb question
FREE 1965 DATSUN 320! Damn!
Steering wheel removal?
I found a 521
Another dogleg question
Need taller gearing
Sold my 74 today
makya’s 4x
Pickup Drawing for Paint Ideas?
You might want this for your kingpins
Rubber booties?
Seat belts
3-point seatbelts into a ’70 521 (long)
HID Conversion
Lug nut size?
It’s a disease! 1979 620 4x4
early 720 lowering problems
521 Advice and Questions
620 for sale in CO on the Yahoo site
67 L520 looks like a 521??
Chance to buy some dual side drafts?
Think this trade is worth it?
alternator upgrade?
Some L16 mod questions
Running lights/blinkers
A/C in a 521?
what Datsun dash do you prefer
Good finds...
which speedo cable
521 firewall foward is it 1 piece
Carb Question
temp sneding unit
New wheels
alternator upgrade - recommendations?
Louvered parts for 620’s
MY 1969 DATSUN 521 J13 UTE
Oversize headgasket?
Anyone got a 521 frame clip???
74 for sale
Dual Su Carbs
Armada and Infiniti Wheels
stalling when warm
DGV carb adapter
Trying to get new windshield
bench seats
steering gear box
I like this ’74
King pins
Rim question!
Well I did It !!!!!!
junkyard numbers
1976 5 speed into 521
dash swap
ahhhh yeah!
Anyone know what trans cover will fit??
71 521 craigslist $300obo
Hitachi Pics...stock!
620 interior parts
Does it ever make you wonder....
15" Wheels?
Gold frame on a 620
Tailgate interchangeablility?
Noob Needs Carb Help
dogleg into a 521 - any suggestions?
720 datsun needs
Scirocco Radiator swap...
r200 for trucks??
lash pads
’67 J13 electronic distributor possible ?
Reunion in September in So. Cal.
leaf spring measurements
Oil Pressure?
Under hood rustproofing: engine oil!
....and going and going and going...
Electronic Ignition?
Anyone Interested in 18" Titan wheels?
more porting pics
Brand new 521 520 windshields
620 charging system help
Thought I would share some of the past
some datsuns @ the yard in lynnwood
Project truck for sale!
automatic transmission
’69 521 for sale near Eugene
LOL is this guy kidding
521 - which differential does it have?
broken bleeder screw (stupid, so stupid)
Greetings from Altanta...
when should a guy stop?
Choptana IE: a chopped Fontana truck!
For the time being
taillight assembly
620 Kingpin
521 Engine Swaps that have been done?
Intermittent Ignition light on dash
I’m now unhinged
Timing Marks Diagram
help!!!!!! please!!!!!
This site is JINXED
composite leaf springs!
mr2 seat installed
521 fuel tank swap???
good parts sorce
oh man...i’m confused.....
620 King Cab Model
Images of some new stuff I got
Is it a record???????
Just scored
another question
Z71 Wheels
made some progress....more pics added!
Spoiler/flairs on E-Bay
Torsion Lowering, how much??
Now I get something stolen (again)
Engine rebuild Cost
All Japanese car show in Victoria, BC
Engine Codes....
this is what we all need,
Seats (stupid noob bear w/me)
Help Identifying a Part
Another stolen truck!!!!!
disk brake conversion
another nooooooob
Manuals on CD
Standard Cab 620 Comfort?
Just rolled my ’76 620....
part numbers find...50.00$
Another newbie
San Diego....Tune Up?
Alternator wires
521 Dash Knobs
L20B Carbs
Another crazy find ! ! ! !
Help a brother...........................
520 Dash
Flat spot while accelerating???
2 really nice trucksI found this weekend
Brake Upgrade for 520?
No gas flow-what’s up ?
Ryan in Seattle
re-visiting compression
Couple of pics of my truck
Rear Brake Drum Adjustment
620 front window 4 sale
Where to find parts?
Another new guy
69 521 Dash Pad
Well, guess what it looka like I am buyin
A Datsun Truck Even Car Guys Can Love
VL520 wagon??????
Another new guy (78’ 620 king cab)
New Guy
Pics of my Prelude buckets and interior
The angle of the dangle?
More Sharing
rear end gearing for 521
Finally on the road
’72 620 ad
Unleaded gas - ’’soft ’’ valve seats !
83 720 questions...
320 to the wrecker :(
G^%@*#m smog test
dash swapping jdub-767 April 17
selling my 521
620 radio delete plate
Front-end Bagging
Goodbye old friend...
steering slop?
Whats up
Steroid in Mini Truckin’
Once Again,,, Time To Drool...
flywheel flyin’
New guy says hi !
Cool Oregon Plate On Ebay
521 Airbag Questions
620 Motorhome
Rat Fink conv top kit???
Power steering pump blow out
Front Discs on ebay
521 250$
Look What "Brown" Did For Me...
75.00 datsun truck
520 Radio Delete plate... Worth anything?
Question About 521 Keys
72.5 or 73 model year
Finally got me a KC!
HELP! Need Intake Advice
Jeff some 521s
New Coil now no turning over
Anyone want to buy a.. 521... Mobliehome?
620 brake adjuster
Long bed/King Cab
620 bumper wanted
Propane conversion kit
Antifreeze leak
’73 choptop window problem
1600 fender emblems?
drla setup
Good deal...OR WHAT!
’73 pickup Bumper swap
Can’t turn my 521
Discs again?
521 parts
Dual Mikuni’s
hot slots
1969 520 In Puyallup Junk Yard
in a pickle
dash swapping
Cheap 620 in So Cal...not a runner.
rear end broke?
need a 1977-1978 620 orange!
Looking for 620 axle
Scratching my head
ok got one pic to work
Goodbye Bluestreak
Hello, new to group
my new crap
disc brake question for datsun truck
Ryan truck
lookin for a1977-1978 datsun 620 pickup
datsun truck parts and picks
Electronics problem...
Ford 2.8L Swap Kit
YES This Site Rocks!
datsun parts warehouse???
anyone have a radiator?
Free Truck in Redmond
RallyCross anyone???
71 Datsun Pickup Parts Wanted..Dayton Nv
Nice 620 on EBAY
Spark problems
Tries to fire, but won’t run?
How much would you pay for this?
cardboard headliner???
are these permacast wheels? pdx junk yard
while im at it...
Control Arm Bushings....
13B in a 521
Butt whoopin’ and a Weber 32/36
Hello from Japan!!!!
Its just gotta be asked...
clutch or tranny?
armada wheels again
Fan clutch
521 Parts Truck...Pics & Link
New 620 owner
CD player & two 6x9s in a 620
more tranny questions, driveline length
620 Brake Booster
voltage regulator
What I bought today
New date for AMI BBQ.
Ryans truck
521 that was for sale???
Parts for you 620 guys...
trucks for sale
power steering
Anybody have an old one of these?
Woo hoo!! Where’s the Vegas people?
I’m afraid.................
I love this camera
at my wits end
521 door locks
4x4 truck tacoma paper
ice house your new truck
4x4 620 springs???
Need help. 620 won’t start.
2 trucks, 5 carbs, 2 days
520 at Lynwood pull a part
free stuff
Crazy carb idea
weber jets?
does 1969 521 have radiator shroud
Picking a Clutch
5 spd tranny’s
Intro and a few questions
Nice Chrome Wheels 4 Sale
620 Gas tank swap
Vancouver 620
Clubs in South East???
Ignition question for you 620 guys
carb help please
Moving to Cali...
Average Price of a 77 620?
Purple Datsun Lowrider
32/36 Weber carb search....
Nice JDM wheels on eBay.
carrier bearing
Maybe Magic Shocks?
spare tire
521 rocker panels
Bit of a height discrepancy
521 windshield
New Here!!
521 Driveshafts
Goodbye Distributor!
new pics ’75 rebuild
What size tires for 4x4 720?
Anyone flat tow behind RV?
Bad Ass 521 Pics
My 521 on 18s
Found another truck to maybe buy
brakes and some
sh*tty defrost any ideas
bumper brackets
Check this out
top L series engine bolts
521 On CraigsList!!
Chopped 521 in Yelm...
Will She Be Mad???
sr20 in 620 ?
Broken Factory Tach
Anybody interested?
My new 521 pics
armada wheels on a 521?
Ebay once again
81 Datsun idle questions
73 prerunner for sale
1964 L320 pickup found
Gauge question
4 lug conversion?
Propane Pickup...
3D Models....
My old Datsun on 20’s
L16/L18 stock clutch replacement
620 electrical
I’m getting my old truck back
Selling off my 79 xcab
What do you think???
What would you pay for...
Interior (620
Need Help (620)
Upper Control Arm bolts
Electro Dizzies
Wiring Harness
Split rear bumpers on eBay.
L16 to a L20 anything to know?
Whats a 69 Datsun 1300 worth?
high comp, High revs build info
Shiftin’ Issues
What should I expect to pay??
What’s going on with Steve...
Spits and sputters?
UPDATED Look What The UPS Man Brought Me!
L20b reving out of control
1972 620 For Sale...only $499
Tonneau Cover
Public Apology
pumping brakes
nissan load sensing valve
Just some updated pics of the 521...
Idiot Savant Transplants Tranny
620 long bed in gear but won’t go?
720 shudder
my free truck runs! (need some help tho)
Shasta Dates
620 "Art" !?!?
Weber 32/36 on L20
intake manifold
just picked up a 82 nissan 720 sport
engine brackets
Need a dipstick for a Z22 in my 82 4x4
Toyota made one tough truck.
Cast iron head for L motor?
another classic datsun for sale in cali
My new 521
L16, L18 and L20 blocks
Seattle Area Craigslist...
what lugs do i need
Datsun owner once again.
Flippin’ dead!
Titan stocks on a 521 *pics*
scored NOS windshield
How easy is a 1" drop?
odd little datsun NL320 Sport Pickup
Ran across pics of my 1st 620 - totaled
What do you guys think of this wheel?
haven’t posted in a while...
L16-L18orL20 Head?
620 Tach into a 521
dash and stuff
620 spotted at Portland Autowrecking
Tranny Rebuild....
Grrr... had to call a tow truck again...
Have you guys seen/heard of a Hilux?
The lowdown on a 521
Exterior/Interior color recommendations!
what you think about this truck?
720 frame the same as 620?
Maybe not Datsun truck, but surely NW...
Alternator options: 200SX or 280ZX?
WOW! Nice Truck!
620 grill and light surrounds for 521
Gas gauge playing tricks on me!
Hello everyone
help with front suspension
tubular upper and lowers for 521’s
Drive Line Shorting
Transmission Fluid Capacity?
Tell me about Diesel Nissan Datsun
Buying an 81 that failed emissions
center console/620
1974 Kingcab?
L20 Help
Piston questions
eBay time!
frame swap questions.
1966-1971 520/521 parts listing
73 620 on 30x10.50x15s
Doug Thorley Headers
Salvage yard produced some cool parts!
3" drop, and now noise?
Dude.... Leave a note...
Will These Rims/Wheels Fit My 521?
17" from pathfinder
Blue Lake 06’
Fiberglass accessorys.
monster datsun truck
Tranny rebuild kits?
brake problems
need some ideas on brakes (disc)
Wiring harness help
5spd 4sale
I said I’d never do this...
Goodbye 2005 ...
western mags, craigslist, $80
Fun with Photochop
Could be your dream truck
Resolutions 2005/6
Merry Christmas
will rear leafs from a 720 fit a 620?
backfire problems
time to drool again
L20B Carbs
where can I find these?
If you could do it all over again......
Did ’Ya see???????
got my part and more
Do ’Ya ever????????
What are You listning to?
what do I do
521/720 Frame Swap...
info sticky?
waco f$%^&*g sucks
Wire Harness Question...Not Truck Though
If you knew then what you know now
Look insode guys Free silvia
620 Buyer’s Guide?
water pump
Will 620 bench seat swap into 521?
find this truck
lather, rinse, repeat.
missing and losing power w/ l20b
Can I borrow $4500? Anyone? Bueller?
new carb choice
Differential question
turbo head bolts?
sad day!
WTB Stock Carb
heater line ?
front disks
Data Is God...This Site ismorereliable
For those PL521 San Diego Owners
Replace your thermostat!
Are all 200sx tranny’s doglegs?
ignition problem?
newbie here.......
water in oil question
hey maybe you guys can help me out
The 521 is home....sorta
need some datsun truck parts
620 Heater not hot??
look mom, no steering!
Turkey Day
Finally, LSD for the 620
need to remove
Extended cab 521
Another Datsun truck forum...
Another Newby...sorta
But I didn’t ever know that they made th
hood bumpers
windowseals and rubbers
WA Dually $500?
620 timing how to?
brake issues
620 carrier bearing
Need 521 parking brake assy.
i need a 521 or 510 radiator
will the new xterra rims fit on our truck
question about the brakes.
New Member with Q’s
tranny ?’s
disc on a 73?
Big money?
Look out, another FNG...
1970 datsun 521
Air bag a 1977 datsun 620?
Strange 620!
Score! Just found a ’79 620!!
Im lazy and i want lsd!
This is WAY crazy......
620 tach
620 Heater Core needed ASAP
just bought this (new member here)
newb with resource issues
z24 in 521
suspension parts swapping
bench seats 521 & 620
Got some new wheels comin!
Top Speed
Do 620’s fly?
Got’er Home Finally
How times have changed
Where do ’Ya think He got this idea from?
Carbon fiber hood
Finally A Cam
NL320 Parts or Truck
How do i compress?
Carrier Bearing vs Solid shaft
old memories
junkyard trip
620 patrol
620 Alternator Conversion
I need new front shocks! ! !
parts questions...
Torsion Bar // Front End Drop
’Ya gotta’ see these!!
my stick isn’t squirting
521 parts
Classic pics of 620’s from the 70’s!
18"s on a 620
I need a head
Deluxe Emblems on EBay
Datsun EV’s
new wheel’s agian
ka24 vs sr20 for my 68 521
68-521 in need of bushings
620 on e bay!!! LOOK
521 truck for sale north gate
521-280 brake swap?
Track width
Oldest 620?
521 Fulcrum Pins?
620 clock value/rarity
parting 77 longbed
Cuz I’m a hustla baby....
Ebay--KC Californaia
4x4 for sale
5 1/2 Inch chopped 521
4x4 V8 620
couple of rare 620 parts ??
Will 620 Headlights fit on a 521?
1976 620 Engine advise
’76 utiity bed
Ebay Truck
Sloppy Shifter?
620 Radiator (auto)
I bought it.
rear leaf springs
Custom 521 steering wheel hub anyone? ;)
’65 L320 "Updated w/ pics"
Clutch Slave
521 for sale
620 tachs
Show off time!
I have done the un-thinkable.
Long Beach Car Show
Any 620 4x4s around for sale?
Here are some pictures
L521 tranny to 520?
The first mystery or misery question
Help with my truck bed?
L20B crankshaft pulley
oil pan swap
locking steering column
Tuesday Night Datsun escapades
Hello to all
BBQ time! Portland area. 10/15/2005.
Seem like good deals?
1lo620...I wanna shave my doors
79 620 for sale
Kool interior accesories!!!!
Engine swap L20b to L20b...
brakes went. . .
77’ nissan datsun audio help
ka24e into 620
New member, just bought a ’74 620
320 on ebay
craigslist 620 find: $60
new to forum
I think that We are being lied to.....
Finally - My 521 progress pics.
eye candy
The 1800th post
front shocks?
The last thing!
620 Engine Swap Ideas?
who wants to direct me on a 620 4x4?
’84 300ZX Engine fit in my ’83 720?
broken record
Gas tanks and pumps
Nice NL320 & 521 for sale..expensive thou
need info on ’74 620’s
620 4x4...worth?
1200 Pick-up??
NL 320 Tail-light lenses
620 rear slider window
Bleach 510 BBQ
VIN Coincidence!!!
’75 HL620 L20B engine problem
3rd times a charm
A/C Compressor to air compressor
rear 620 bumper
Let’s see your metal mods.
New 520/521 seeking help...
Got 620 brake drums?
620 Resource web page
Need a 620 grill or lowering blocks?
620 Duelly Flat Bed for sale
New Member W/521 & 510 Pics
521 Steering Column Question w/ Pic
Holy crap! Near mint 521 on Craig’s List
Bumperette sale.
Blue 620 Show truck shows up at show
Advice For New Member
Few Datsuns PUs for sale
520 doors on a 521? Fit?
L.A. escipades
killer truck on ebay
NEW! starter issues
greetings and please help me....
Trim stuff
79 4x4
SR20 in my 720? How much work?
620 on 16’s or 17’s?
torsion bars
Scavange 720 pedals etc. for 620?
620/l20b mileage?
1969 521
620 in minitruckin
I’m a ’tard... again
my 73 620
New Member with a 73 620
So. Cal. shows, etc.
cheap throw out bearing
Another craigslist find
Mystery 620 cutie?
my 620 wont start
Whats new fella’s
Old datsun truck ads
Roll Cage
Starter problems NOW!
valve adjusting problem
Blue smoke :( Anything I can do?
rebuilt engine oil priming
Japanese websites
timing chain slider
Snapped a thrust rod
Fuel Capacity
Li’l Hustler Stripes
79 620 truck on craigslist
’76 L20 questions
Hydraulic fluid
520 steering wheel info
Blown head gasket yes or no?
Mini Truckin’ magazines
78 620 discs on 76 620
hardbody spindles on 78 620
Fuel Cut-Off
620 5 speed ?’s
78 KC parts
620 vs 720 rearend
Hi, new to this forum
Assorted Datsun parts in Port Angeles
looking for 620 parts
Flipping leaf spring?
Weber Q’s
More power out of my Z22 720 Pickup?
520/521 Trans. Cover Plate?
more workkkkk
sloppy Shifter
F-ing Brake lights
L16 4 speed to L20 5 speed.....
Looking for a Custom Yellow 620
3 Trucks Cheap Update
Seattle area 620/521/520 bbq
How do i stop ?
Z20 Z24 intake swap
air shocks?
pics of my 620
someone hit my truck
another new member lowrider 620
New member here! I’ve got a few Q’s!
Should I buy this truck for 1000
4X4 front disk brakes!
Anyone have $500
finally, a leak free J15. Wheel questions
Curious 521 lifted pics?
Trying to put a dogleg 5-speed into a 521
521 radiator question
Datsun blown to Hell
Another fourdoor found???
No power?Choke?
2 out of 4 ???
other performance stuff
High beam problem
Looking for a set of STOCK wheels...?
280z 5 speed
New guy here
fiberglass stuff on craigslist
602 from the 80’s
Vintage Races in Kent
Search for an Oregon 620 show winner.
1983 280ZX 5 speed/620 five speed
RHD Truck
620 suspension
66 520 parts for sale
sloppy 620 shifter
620 Day 2005
for anyone that needs a flywheel
The project continues
La Tiburona
Nuthin new
Ol Yeller is Yeller
1970 521 for sale
she flys!!
Drop Zone Pics added 8-1-05
620 4x4
Beauty and the hubcaps.
Drippy Head...@#$&!
Drippy Carb ...
Have fun in canby
New additions!
lowering control arm
water pump
Kids 70 521 Pics
Window crank?
Crusher ATE Them ALL!!!! AAARRGGHH
w53 head work
521 service truck
Floors... Ugh...
My 620 datsun was Stolen
title and vin plate needed
521 smooth tailgate and rollpan
Rotors: Toyota vs Nissan
My truck pics...
how close?
4 wheel drive
Euro tail light part number?
Straight as an arrow!!
wiper fix?
Busy Datsun Day...
dogleg and clutch
520 Fenders???
1970 datsun truck
3 Trucks Cheap
spindles and hubs
L20B over-heating sometimes...
painted truck...
520/521 Double Wall bed...
620 radiator
280 clutch system
Keys, Ignition switches and door locks.
620 fenders
L521 water pump headache
PC 521’s 65 320 update
parts from an 81 720
extreme 521
bringing up brake upgrade...
Funtana is on the road!!!!!
Wow! R33 powered PL521.
Disc Brakes
320/520 brake drums
stock wheels are the best
Headlight upgrade
Throwing it out - - Free Weber Carb
diff, trans and transfer case oil
Truck up for auction
My 620 For Sale SOLD
How do I post pictures
Bad brake booster, pedal to floor?
A little help?
front discs on a 521
parts lost
anybody have an l16 carb
Anybody have a repair manual for a Weber?
L20B no power
possible power level?
wheel bolts for a 1971 521
carburetor opinions
weber jetting
i’ll be damned
offenhauser intake manifold.....
4sp Trans 4sale
81 720
New to the board. Questions about truck
720 dash
For you 620 lovers
my truck for sale
Wiper ARMS!
1980 720
gasket fitment ???’s
another V8 thread, (sorry)
Distributor lube?
Click click click
check this out!!!!!
V8 PL521
radiator J13
Can bad brake booster cause spongy brakes
63 pickup
77 l.b. & 75 s.b. for sale. $700
timing on 620
510 airdam
77 Datsun 620 Longbed pickup for sale
Looking for a 620
Mystery switch by carb
Steering finally fixed
67 520 Newbie questions
Stupid brakes!
What is this thing?
Rims and tires on CraigsList
heads n cams n stuff
l20b forged pistions....
Cam towers
DNBC show and shine?
Nice looking 72 on Ebay
safety reminder
No side markers
bolts needed
head questions
Tiburona Updates!!
exhaust questions
620 Tranny Removal
Cleaning out my closet - literally
Quick stupid question
Vin plate ?
Ryan in Seattle
Blue Lake/Canby
Desperate need for a steering box
32/36 adaptor plate
L16 to a L18
Need some advice...
4x4 620 are Awesome
Factory Service Manual - cheap!
Motor mounts l521 and l521
oh yeah? what’s wrong with this picture?
Heater hoses
First post; Need Parts
spokane members
What’s wrong with this picture?
New Drivers Door
Dogleg in...FINALLY!
some assmebly required
70 pl521 $500-santa clara, CA
Datsun truck for sale
need a driveshaft carrier bearing
Pathfinder / Datsun 620 axels
New look for my KC
Transmission swap
NW Nissans - Seattle Meet - 3/19/2005
No juice?
Need L20...wanna trade?
L521 radiator
A-14 in truck?
Lifted 620 In Auburn
$80 later...
check list
1964 Datsun Truck
Pics of the new truck (long)
Need 521 suspension measurement.
My first real problems with new truck
WIll a 620 rear end fit in a 521?
Got the ’71 truck home
Peanut Head?
Interference motor - 720 parts
Parting a 1980 720
520’s not available in the US
e-bay 620
Wallpaper/Background orange 620
What wheels fit on a PL521?
Nice engine, Z 18 T
rearends, gearboxs & ratio
pathfinder rear end
Value the ability.......
350Z power anyone????
h4 headlights
clutch release bearing and collar
More fun
z22 crankshaft
No starty
Finally took it in
521 parts in Phoenix, Az.
720 driveline bolts
For Sale: Factory spare steel wheel
620 brake part needed
Pumpkin’s got some new shoes!
The saga continues**pics**
Blue Lake/Canby
La tuburona starts!!! but...
steroid is back (well, at least for just
My own Datsun adventure
Lookie whats on ebay
brake lines
520/521 Shell/Canopy
620 receiver hitch...
Datsun pickup FS in portland area
Gonna breathe some life into the "L"
fuel pumpages
L20B no spark HELP
Airbags Front
oh yeah?
Its a Boy!
hey bleach... what do i need...
power windows
520/521 rear slider
620 hood, louvered
wtf? L2oB problems
engine mods?
521 at the yard
please go and vote in my poll ...
trowout bearing and collar L20b
1966 520 truck for sale cheap!!!!
need 3rd member and d line
521 w/ front discs in junkyard!!!
Other starter!!!!
Best one man bleeding system?
need a new clutch.
looking to buy or trade
Vintage Racing call for Trucks
79 620 4x4?
Picture of "La Tiburona"
Timing kit fit?
Trans help
side makers
620 4x4
78-79 Datsun heavy duty
2 77 620’s for sale
L20B question
Almost done Bleach, you ready?
rear disk brakes
1933 Datsun Fire Truck!!!!!
75 brake problems....
620 to one wire
Here ya go
plans for the 73 Datsun
50 Amp Alternator for 620-L18
turn signal housing
4 barrel mani on ebay
V-8 66 520 on e-bay
73 datsun tranny swap...
Coil Question?
720 king cab seats/new purchase story.
hey -
76 620/83 720 Frame swap
Sealed Bid---78 Datsun
Side mirror pics, Jr West Coast Style
L18 teardown
4X4 is getting expensive...
’almost KILLED my truck!
parting out 77 620 ex cab
Looking for some good head
Canby get together
Euro lenses.
Dually 720!
Head Gasket Change
New Seats
WTB: Slotted aluminum wheels
Anyone need J13 parts?
swap ?
Makes ya go HMMMMMMMMM
AHH, wont idle, sometimes...WTF!
Ive seen some strange things at work ....
521 upgrades
Oil Trouble
M/C 76 and 79
1600 vc and stuff
Where Can I Find Junk Yards
Ebay---dash 395.00
weber jets
Axle ID?????
Wanted L-16/18/20 and trans
A1 Light Truck Parts Portland
Mt. Shasta - All Datsun Meet: 2005 dates.
Got me some new Pistons too!
msd coil
more problems with my truck
521 started!
Mallory dist., tools, part catalog
Monster Datsun
521 cab mount bushings
Got more info on truck.
L 320 distributor ?,s
I could cry...........but I won’t
Was a good buy
L521 J13 transmission
521 Items of Special Interest
Lost a belt
lights out--your thoughts?
Truck Stolen
Rear main seals Interchange?
fuel pumps
Seen this one?
weber question
L521 carb questions
another clutch question......
Toyota front axle
The saga continues........
Z-car engine in a 620?
REDNECKTIFIED, again.......
Wheel Cylinder....
carburetor problems on 77 620
Monster Garage
@$%#$ truck
Powdercoat for Ex Header
parts recommendations ....l521
just gettin’ started on my L20B
fed up
no power-l16...45 mph top speed
parting out 77 620
100$ head gasket
Datsun Heaven
somethings wrong here.
Weber on a HB?
Some problems here...
long shaft...tranny
What would happen if..........
datsun chopper
door handle
L18 and other misc. parts?
Unwanted water....
Oil pressure sender
Removing Heater
The simplest solution is usually right...
who might
workin on my 521...
L521 forsale
4X4 620...
my 521 Pick up
76 620 free!
low’s go power
Head Gasket Recommendations
Head Saver shims question
piston rings
Heres a buy
720 4x4 to 2x conversion?
check out this "supercharger"
this is pretty rad
need a stock air cleaner and other parts
water pump n stuff....
fuel guage
Disc Brakes on a kingpin Datsun truck
280z head
w58 steel liner removal.
6 lug options
521 on Ebay...
Hey Ryan In Seattle
change of plans
Want a 4X 4
rear main seal
datsun 411
may need some parts quick
620 Headlight relay
Lets start a TV Show
It looks like my 620 is on someone’s list
L16 to L20B swap
Body Panels
72.5 has got to go
Heres an engine for ya!
need some pics of l20b
Problems with my 620 KingCab
Steering gear...and other
j 15 lifters
L20b Performance Parts
compression test?
Anyone know anyone on the east coast?
pic request: 73 L16 truck air cleaner
What kind of Weber to use?
Jim Connor
Check this out......
Weber Problems
Will it work?
521 4X4
$3700 620 in Portland
dont tell my wife
i am gonna start working on my 521 soon..
flush mounted side marker lights
roll call
Stock Hubcaps
lug stud size
swappin wheels today
my truck
Carbed out
320 hood emblem
Salvage yard 320 and 521 - Oregon.
opel parts
anybody selling a k/c?
parting 84 720
’67 PL520 pickup needs tranny
got a free truck
Are these for L18
Free 521 rolling chassis. **Cancel**
Is it worth 250.00
ID the mystery grille
Found parts in bed
Hey ’Holic....
mg midget head?
speaking of exhaust
forklift motor for 521?
Sound clips...
4x4 engine swap
tranny question
’05 Shasta Truck Presence?
I’m lookin
Last call: FREE 521 frame.
Turning problem
Timing cover removal L20B
Tinting the 620
Got it home
720 gone......need opinions
closes chamber w58,what the..?
Engine swap questions
over drive
junkyard finds
and now, another
A few 521 parts for sale
Sloppy shifter
Its alive....we did it Egor
this will make you sick
hey ’holic
Clutch MC
79 Steering Box
She’s gone in a pool of oil
A little upholstery work
I need some opinions
Any one want a J-series motor?
620 service manuals
body style
Local 620 4x4 4sale "UPDATED"
Datsun truck rear bumpers
Regrind cam
521 owners only
Weber Jetting
exhaust for a 720
anyone need a vintage tape deck
pickup 4 sale
l18 block
Compression test ?
77 620 for sale
Studs too short
cam help?
dead hole
76 620
Auto tranny...
another ugly truckling
Pics of my 521 infant.
My 82 720 4x4
Paint job...
521 - lights, dash, exhaust
i need some parts for my 521
L to Z series conversion
disc brake front end
(((SOUNDOFF)))*with pictures*
4X4 620
WTB: SD22 oil cooler
New Datsun owner
speedo gears
NWDE Meeting
Ford Ranger
split 521 bumper
disk upgrade
WTB: 720 L KC window, L TL Assy
n00b here. Hello!
anyone into the pocket bikes?
Who needs Kingpins?
single sidedraft?
I’m rich!
l16/l18 clutch
FS: ’79 L20 w/KC attached, Port Townsend
a87 peanut head 4 sale
Idler arm follies (or "Just Shoot Me")
wreckin yard findins
speaking of my basket case......
does anybody......
No 4X4 for a while
VG30 in a 620?
What do you guys think of this color?
king pins
Voltage regulator
L28 in a 620 pickup...
Bagged(well helper at least)
wtb 1979 pickup multifunction switch
Hurry 29 minutes left
Timing chain
Distributor noise?
All original 520 for sale
how about some humor in here
521 engine
Aw, crud...
’82 720 trans needed (for SD22 diesel)
Trying to bag tonight Help low psi
lights.. Fit?
521 Parts truck is GONE!
J.C. Whitney peices parts
sidedraft photos anyone?
Greece: Land of the 620
67 520
1969 L521 Little nickel
620 - airdam & flares
Got me a cylinder head.
A87 close chambered
Gas mileage
79 620 emblems
front suspension.
Gee Clem........
Just bought a ’74 620
How would you hook this up
620 3 core Radiators
73datsun truck Boeing ad
720 radio replacement
l18 pistons and a87
520-521 interchange
Looking for 521
just scored........
My new old truck wheels
521 Parts truck is here!
edelbrock intake, huh?
Pac.coast’s 69 521
WTB=620 Datsun parts!
Project 620nomoney has arrived.***AGAIN**
opened my weber today
Photoshop expert?
520 euro lenses going once...
need help in my quest for an inch
is this the heater on/off switch..?
720 antenna options
521 parts wanted
520/521 stuff.
Sloppy shifter 521?
Wheels pics plus window seals ??
smooth move
Cheap - Full engine gasket sets!
1969 520
620 Brake Adjusters
dang it
sidedraft mani!
name change
Opinions on Pertronix/Coils?
Datsun 720 vs Nissan 720 questions.
will this adapt?
WTB some parts
First to do a dcnf??
brake drums
A-87 vs W-53
sidedraft carb
weber jetting opinions
W53 vs. U67
looking for wheels
73 620 for sale
71/72 521 differences?
need a new head for the 620
going on a yard run tommorow
oil leak?
nasty air pump air cleaner filter
620 day
part for Su’s
Best ratio for 1/4 mile
First time Blue Lake
weber ??s
never enough time
Anybody want su’s -- 650.00
weber floods... help.. getting pissed
looks like my 720 is staying home
720 fog light?
clutch pushrod
volvo su’s
620 King Cab wanted
found this on ebay
Blue Lake, Can’t go
521 headlight bezel
weber 3236 for sale?
weber is on but.......
no luck
need pics 32s 3"lift
Finally got the 4X4 out where it belongs
burns oil.... what now??
Unstoppable Oil Leak!
Need some opinions (mileage, carb vs FI).
Bad luck with sell
oil consumption
For Sale
two dipsticks
Block vent?
matchbox dizzy modification ??’s
need fan
720 with Merkur front end....Pimp-tastic.
rear end
need help identifying these three things
Alternator problems
got some parts for my truck today
carb swap from s-10 to 620
paint colors
new guy
new stuff
85 Nissan Weber..Vac
truck mods
Ugghhhh.too much work
fiberglass 620 fenders??
building floor pans
Why would one hook up the coil backwards?
Warming up??
under $500?
speaking of giddy as a school girl...
got some wheels for my 720 for $25
dome light lens
Final peices parts...
weber 34?
80 720 kingcab.... fuel capacity??
219 head 4 sale
this sucks/any ideas
z car tranny in a 720??
Additional Pic of 1978 620 FOR SALE!
FOR SALE 1978 King Cab!
1978 FOR SALE More Pics!
junkyard dog is now legal
tach on 80-82 720
620 with chevy 4x4?
FOR SALE! 1978 King Cab
Drum swap on 73
1300 emblem needed!
whats it worth...part 2?? L20 long blks
tire rubbing
got alot done on the 720
for want of a starter
coil for EI diz
620 4x4
Vacuum Lines
carb swap L 20
hey smokinthem
need some help on a L18
bluelake 2004??
Love my Ugly Truckling
proper jet size for weber carb L16??
whats it worth??
front drum to disc conversion
Back again......
Ryan in Seattle L16
rattlin handles
just picked up a 620
72 521 extra cab!
so who has body dropped a 620?
finally got my allison EI
What a shame
1600 valve cover
L20b and tranny for sale......
521 parts
just got a 73 620.... so long 80 kingcab
For Sale??
escalades are for sale
Plexiglass 620 rear window!
camshaft ?
urethane motor mounts
EI stuff
620 Kingcab For Sale
street trucks
Has anyone converted to Power Steering
Back from the dead
no more pertronics
still need 4.88
521 wiring scematic
in need of knoledge
electrical problem(again)
Vacuum Diagram?
How do I lower the front of the truck
need a 521
Datsun truck
J15 in a 620 parts book?
ka24 + 5sp into a 521
5 speed help
L series stroker
wasnt someone wanting these
exhaust stuff
620 Part-out
free stuff
check this out!!
electrical stuff
521 Parts truck! Monroe WA
Nissan Minitruckers meet in Tacoma
ranger bed
anyone ever buy from the overseas guys
How many Q’s in a Z22
521 taillghts
620 headers
I saw this truck yesturday on the road
300z twin turbo muffler on 620?
620 Heater fan speed?
fuel & temp gauges 521/alt.
minitruckin 620
521 bed
The 520 cab.
up side down 620
1979 620 vaccum hose problem
alternator swap
Check this horrid thing out!
RALLY TRUCK !!!!!!!!!!
Now I have a 521...
620 on eskies, maybe
Fan clutch setup!?!
Peanut head
so 240 sx motors in 620s
air pump air cleaner
That killer truck on ebay
found another ’71
521 bodyparts
L16 block + L18 head?
gears 4.88
Datsun car shows n such?
73 620 for sale in bremerton WA.
This for $250, what do you think?
c notch pics
Junkyard lovers
look at the junk parts i need to replace
havent completely forgotten about her
521 Factory Service Manual for sale
New sheet metal for the 521’s
dual wall beds
rear brake cylinders
Carb Help
no speedo
Exhaust ??’s
Uh oh Thunderbird
emissions stuff
210 peanut head
720 frame under a 620
dual jet rochester
Finally! SU’s
Boy, I am stumped...
i feel sick
from europe to us/import yourself
please help!
Alternator went bad
howling down the highway
It’s Alive!!
For Sale King Cab
light gaskets
Water pump and fan clutch
Phantom grill
82 datsun 4x4
minitruckin magizine
aint this the sheet
LSD rear end
Dual plane manifold
just curious/ shaved bed hooks
620 wont start--read
Got my 620 back
A87 Head Tricks
Clutch Master Cylinder
im am the luckiest fu$&er around
Frozen flutch master cylnder
The Datsuns
im spraying a quiky paint job
How to wire a datsan alt into a nissan
for sale 620 kingcab and parts
temp unit or thermostat?
new engine runs like crap!
finally took it home
New 620 parts
You have to see this 620 FOR SALE
73 datsun 620 with 302 for sale!
32/36 throttle shaft bushing
datsun history
520 Truck
rock auto
a87 l18
drop top
520 cab & stuff gotta go!
does any one remember these?
street trucks
chiltons manual
Datsun Trucks in Movies
My 1973 Datsun 620 with a 5.0 V8
Must find Weatherstrip, Window Seals...
Show it ~ Tell It
521 phantom
1964 Datsun Truck 4sale
gimme your opinion
Datsun 620 parts
521 power brakes
turbo 300z motors
Bucket Seats
ooh boy!
67-68 521 taillights
weber dfav
I am Baaack with some questions!
Master Cylinder?
my first 510
Body Dropped Steering
won this on ebay
anyone else been ripped off on ebay?
521 radiator
Front turn signal lense
Love people who run into your truck!
finally found another one!!!
need floorpans bad
rear axle removal
To Bre620
CAR Battery?
SCORE !!!!!
4 door
rear axle
z22 to sd22
Cannon intake
fender bender international( looky)
PL521 4 sale
Datsunaholic you need this!
Wrecking yard surprise
Sad day!
You might be a redneck......
Steroid is away for a while............
steering wheel
Datsunahlic is a star!
what to do while on suspension!
Dogleg shifter
I’m back from Reso’
finally a set of su’s on ebay
240z seats
620 King Cab
You gotta be kidding!!! 12/31/03 where ar
A6202NV is just about done with his truck
Bed and body from 1977 in good shape
Z-20 in my truck burning oil,smoking bad
Another Frame Swap Question
HEY!! PAKAL said go easy on the eggnog...
Santa gave me a Valve Cover!!
got bored tonight
OK. time to write SANTA ...
since its cold im on hold (but)
Raining again,*%!#@next project-garage
insane idea here
2wheelin"a 720 4x4--help?
found a new engine!!!
My w53 head is a banana
A87 head
frame swap
what is an L24 L26 L28
link pin spindles needed
Saw a extended king cab this morning
Spindles/ 620, 720, Hardbody
gotta love dents
Puttin’ on the Weber
need advice
Thread size and pitch??
Steering Wheel
Dash mat
New Yahoo Group
16" wheels baught, Need tires
HEY BLEACH! Your close,but...
Spencer Low Racing
Guess who"s back, hello everybody
OK Who bought it?
dropped spindles
is this worth a shi*
620 head
New toy...
pics of all my cars and truck
my new daily driver
happy thanksgiving
l16 head
15" Chrome Pathy’s - cheap
looking for some su carbs or webber side
bought a few more things on ebay
521 parts
whats so special about this head
73 truck for sale
Air dam questions.
Will it fit
su’s for sale on ebay
MORE POWER !@volts
L16 pics
L16 tranny bell housing
Honk if something falls off
stupid distributor question
weber jetting
Screw it, I’m getting a Weber
Datsun parts for sale or trade!
Tonneau Cover for 620! soft top
Found L16 need advice asap
Z22E engine?
620 Double and 521 4-passenger trucks
bought this off ebay
Parts for sale....
Some pics!!
the big 700
Posting from work!!!
4 speed install
Fuel delivery problems
Suggestions for a newbie
well guys my orange coupe is going bye by
New pics
i get to spend $1500 on my truck
Mike, you owe me...
cheap and quik rebuild
SEMA ’03
? what to do
Dash covers
i found the color im painting my truck
so whos is this
Hey Datsunaholic, it passed!!
91 200sx motor
620 parts sheet
i’m looking for a datsun truck...
OK ,it’s canopy season
I Need fenders
hey guys
Got a truck
since im going 510 in the rear i figured
Datsun Camper VAN?
Weber air cleaner??’s
Rack and pinion steering?
Rockerarms L series
what is anLl20 motor
trans tech
whos project is this
Spotted on the way to school..
side draft carb ???
Get it NOW ! ! ! !
ok guys check it out
anyone seen
help me out here guys
were these worth $150
78-79 truck for sale
ugly truckling before and after
Part Identification
got some stuff today!
not truck related but
Nose Job?
Rear Sway bar 620
grill emblem
W56 head... good?
thanks adam
SU’s come from
Hey bre620
Going to look at a truck tomorrow
L18 or L20b
Here it COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where are they?
anyone else ever buy from here
New weber air filter
Techno questions (well kinda)
Carpet /Interior???’s
I want front disc brakes!!!
Changing rearend gears?@#$
L520 parts
many thanks go out to adam
many thanks go out to adam
When was the war of 1812 ???
gas tank probs
anyone have any parts trucks
’78 Kingcab 4 Sale; $2500
OhIO need help
need tips on removing body and bed
Funny off topic hp???’s
Need Help Datsunaholic
To spend or Not to spend thats the ?
trucks for sale
71 p/u
Ol Yeller’s pics!
More power for my 75 620
Headlight Relay
check out my new $150 dollar truck
Front head bolts / Oil Leak
71 521 for sale
280z cammin out
leaky oil pan
Off topis(surviving Ted)
Another 620 for sale in WA!
Another 620 for sale in WA!
Radiator ?s
NGK spark plug wires!
dist wires
6 lug dually rims (2 per side)
I have a L20ET intake manifold....
Custom dash
yellow lights
downdraught weber
Sold car, want truck
620 Project for sale in Socal
Importing Vehicles???
Alternator upgrade?
steering wheel?
Help with 620 flares
Out of the blue!
new head
Real performance parts for L20b
Show me a L18 piston pic
Tires on Truck
Need a head?
breather conversion
anyone interested in these
two 71 521’s
Datsun steak bed
New intake?
Lower blocks
baggin 620s
Valve cover
NWDE Photo Gallery?
4-Barrel Carb on an L-series
how hard are su,s to find
flat bed
Well, THAT was exciting...
wiper motor woes
need more help with Int reg ALT...
Long beds
Some kc ??’s
Drove my truck So. California!
WEBER 32/36 DGV???
521 boony bouncin buggy
L18 semi dish
What tire size?
hey steroid
More Factory Nissan 620 Manuals
Picture Gallery
Stupid question
Any one interested in Datsun T-Shirts?
bed covers
how crappy are the stock 73 motors
78 Kingcab for sale - CA
71 521
2 inch dropped spidles
looking for datsun parts
for any 620 owners
electric fan
got the Z18 fired up!
Found my acceleration problems
frame swap
Buying a 620--need help!
Poor guy’s 620 book!
Carb idle proplem
Push in breather conversion ?
Pics of my beast!!
Show me SU’s
vg30 engine swap
Weber install on l18
500 Mile Break-In Over!
NOS with SUs?
1974 Factory Service Manual (620)
Who lives in Washington State?
LZ engine?
1976 620 project for sale
75 Datsun for sale
L18 auto trans
Just about ready to fire it up!
Hey smokinthem...
Brand new OEM Nissan carb on eBay!
Some more pics
280zx non clutch system
BODY PARTS !!!!!!!!
When’s the last time you did this?
almost there
77 king cab
grahems house
Main Studs and Head Studs, Needed?
Need Rim
Crane Cam advanced
2.25" pipe, flowmaster-- DONE
620 for sale Renton
Got pics finally
Anyone seen springs like this on a Datsun
Free step-bumper (pics)
smooth ride
l18 question
L20B W/L18 pistons?
SR20 motor
weber 40dcoe! almost over!
Maybe throwout bearing
Im in love, AGAIN!
Sweet deal
Ryan in Seattle? Whatever happened to him
Help Me Build My L20b (long post)
Pertronix Electric Ignition Conversion
Shifter boot?!? Where can I get one?
Painted Grill, RUST I FOUND, and Rocko!
’77 Parts Truck
Matchbox dizzy for sale
Datsun 620 turn signal
Sticky float valve - Weber DGAV
WTF! Look at this header!
Weber 40 DCOE for sale!!!
Rear Step Bumper
Charging system problems
gas tank removal
Electronic Ignition
Got Boost?
New Header/Flow’ Complete
Fixed no gas, Now carb
Drove to Top End Performance today
Bucket Seats
Auto Body Parts Wholesale
look see
went on a yard run today
engine trans
the magi one
Smog cutoff update? Calif.
Edelbrock manifold?!?!?
’78 turn signal mechanism
Saturday Question
time for some fun
tdaaj: taillights
73 620 for sale
Just how well Drums work????
No Gas
air cleaner lid
In the market for a truck
Venting 2.2 NAPS Z block
Speedo Cable
Where could I get a 5 speed tranny?
Manual Choke Adj.
Datsun truck toys
Someone is selling Hainz’s truck!
vegas area 320 on ebay
looking for an intake?
The 620 Family sedan
Need some help timming my L20B
What did I see today
L17 1731cc ?
cheap 620 parts brand new
good lord!
How to strip paint?
Smokinthem - under the tarp
Fuel Injection
Need help
Tach. problems
PL 521
SU’s, header and clock for sale
Hey look what I found!
who posted 4000th post
Got a ?
The 4000th post !!!!!!!!!
Anybody know much about this head?
Found the Jewel of the Nile
Stock sway bar
how many of you have clear ............
1970 pick up
how do ya post a picture
Anyone tried these fiberglass hoods???
internaly regulated alternator
Twin 40 PHH Mikuni carbs.....
Check out this one all ebay extreme
Hi guys..any idea’s on the ultimate L20B?
LZ24 ROCKS !!!
compression question
holy crapola
sad sight
moon shades
71 521 brakes
k&n air filter
4x4 620 for sale
pertronix on 74 620
Check this out all!!!!!!!
Hey Bleach!
head rests
tachs and a clock on e-bay
Looks like I tripped over a DGV 5A
Hold on2 ur lugnuts its time4an overhaul!
Sideways in a 620
My Bus
72 620 stock disk brakes
4x4 620
timing chain questions
2003 z71 wheels on a 74
Wheels Pics(hainz)
Where the heck are You from???
New member, new 620. Kinda long
This engine setup
engine swap questions
Hainz and his crazy Datsuns!
Hey bleach...grill ??
yet another 620 parts truck
Hey people...
blown spark plug
which engine l18 or l20???
Which Carb to run???
yet another request for help.....
Stock Air Cleaner Assembly
OFFENHAUSER Intake Manifold
beautiful sight
need answers asap
Draggin’ Datsun
521 Header
New carb, anyone?
Looking for an electronic dist...matchbox
620 parts truck
Rusted cab mounts
1973 620 on ebay
L16 Exh. Manifold
Good deal?
turbo questions
oil leak
high compession?
fuel line
It RUNS!!!!!
can you reuse the stock head bolts?
Where does this carb spring go? 1976 620
Rims Wanted
280zx dash
extirior goodies
l20b questions
Anyone know what these pistons are from?
Hey...does anybody have any tips on....
Another truck on ebay
Hey...I just need some quick advice....
4x4 truck Boeing ad
Exaust pipes
Rear bumper
Head gasket problems
Bleach, how does your truck ride?
Don’t Click Here
Need Help!!!!!
Hey....just wanting some help...
Finally got pics
nissan pathfinder wheels for the 620!
620 brouchers?
parts I got for my 620!
Truck/280Z 5-speed
where to find online manuals
77 king kab
1972 PL521 TRUCK In Tacoma for sale, ebay
Funny stuff on the freeway
My stuff for sale on ebay! (Ryan look)
4.3 vortech
521 bed, worth?
Disc Brake Conversion
Project L20b/ZX 5-Speed is underway
Bleach - Airbags?
Its 620 Day!
Wipers 521
’77 king cab pics
Brake Gremlins
Need floats for 32/36 dgev
best offer takes
whats an L18 worth
521 200$ Lk Stevens/Everrett
erratic/no idle... hitachi carb
Z-car clutch/flywheel/pressure plate
Well?? Any pics of Blue Lake
Just got em!
Exhaust header
Need A Tire
Front Bushings
$250 Truck in Seattle
The Ultimate Datsun Truck Accessory
Coolant hose
NGK wires
Dash pads
A little more progress...
Question to cdogg
New Wheels
’69 521 w/ L20b Stock 4speed combo??
any more shows this summer??
Major parts I’m getting.
1969 Datsun 521 Pictures
No Fuel, Temp, or Speedometer gauge..
I got my truck this weekend.
Rear end gearing ratio /misc
I got a carb
do the 1978 kingcabs have a swaybar?
200sx trans
Looking for carb (1976 620 long bed)
New tires for the truck
ZX trans in the 620
do kingcabs have diffrent geraring?
um...intake cooler
Electric Fan?
Weber Idle Problem
is it possible?
how many datsuns have you owned???
How fast?
Current State of Bluestreak
For Sale
rear diff
Disc brake
SU carbs?
Has anybody body dropped a 620
Question on Tranny
Saw a rare one today!
whats it worth
Couldn’t pass it up... Now I need a bed.
Getting close!!!
Another eBay money maker.
Fontana Flares?
chrome pushbar?
Pics of smokinthem’s truck
ol yeller’s pics...... FINALLY
pic of my 521
WTB: 72-79 Datsun 620 Interior
wooohoooo its alive!!!!!!!!!!!!
’78 -’79 frame with disc intact
what datsuman will do to his 620!
Hainz’s truck.....
exhaust manny
FS: 73 Datsun 620
need fuseblock..
clutch problems
datsunman bought a 620!
My new wheels!!!!
Rear axle flip
Parts vehicles, anyone?
Who was at Autosport Yesterday?
77’short box for sale
ebay z28 stroker crank
’73-’78 Haynes manual
Summer of Slam 05-24-26-03 Moved READ!!
Free Seats
L20B Smog exhaust manifold
pic of my truck
What engine is best
My Future 620
Desktop Dyno
smog pump 77-80 L20 federal vs cali
New to site
Datsunman, Truck is still here
nissan patrol found
WHEELS !!!!!!!
Looking for a 620
Engine pics
Bought ’73 620 w/weber
window squeegee
521 swaybar
rotory truck?
Can anybody help me find a 620?
521 trade
521 for sale Dime quarterly
E diZzy
electronic ignition
need help finding a new play toy......
521 swaybar and shocks
Dumb question please dont kill me
2 kingcabs
lil hustler decals??
’72 620 4sale
All right guys
Brakes done!
1977 620 extras cab DUALLY
521 froe sale Seatimes
shifty business
anybody have a weber carb for sale
truck shocks TRAILMASTER
Tire Size FYI
Speedometer cleanup
Ready to change your pumpkins?
Boeing Ad 4X4 620 4-24-03
Page dedicated to my $25 truck...
I’m still looking for a 620
anybody have any 80-82 taillights??
I can take my quote off!!!
My new L20b
Anyone heard of ASAIN carbs?
Electric Fuel Pump
For Sale 32/36 DGEV
which head is better?
GrrRrR FedEx!!!!
1978 620 for sale.
521,620,720 Torsion bars
How many truckers are going to Bluelake
Small Block in a 620
1976 Datsun 620 For Sale
Crank Sproket Oiler
0il leak 521 pan
Wish this would fit in my truck!
For sale, Boeing ad Datsun Motor
ac unit for 521
Brake squealing
’77 620 KC on eBay - near Tacoma, WA
Congrats To BRE620!
I’m looking for a 620
Sound Insulation and Carpet Install
power steering
Dizzy Swap
New engine for me!!!
$5 engine!
’64 320 on ebay
L20b questions
tinted bubble window
for sale
Dual SU carb.
Is anyone going to the swap meet
$175 for T-5 and driveshaft?
Why Does my gas gauge 3/4 of a tank when
Bluestreak back on schedule... (?)
620 parts
Where to get a hood for a 620
Rear end gears?
Steve 240 ,chk ths out
rear end gap filler
Brakes question??
addco swaybars
The Air Dam Has Been Spotted
Rear Side Marker Lights??
New 620 pics
plug gap
Finally building my Lz22
Finally uploaded shots of my truck fleet
Speedometer error
history channel
L20b rebuild
KA24E or DE - 78’ 620 How hard?
Engine build
factory clock
620 J15 engine specs?
Naps-z ??
Quick dist ??????s
buickV6 in 620 great.
rear bumper
For all That Need Parts!!!
brake problems
lots o parts
new engine
z24b engines?
ugly truckling 620 4x4
i know where they are(620/521)
jigley all the way , shifter
Chevy V8 headers for 620 truck on eBay
Picture of engine’s Hainz is building
trying to find a rare datsun.
Bre620 u67 in Hawaii
Weight Reduction
WOW over 1000 posts for trucks!!
Hey Bre620!!!!!!!
2 datsun trucks in junkyard
Heelllp My fellow 620 owners
What do you think of this?
I’m back!
Anyone want to see more pics of the truck
620 truck restore
76 model 620
Fusible link + wetness
rear end swap?
$50 Truck
truck transported
King Pins
W53 head for flat topped L18 or...?
Anybody got $15k I can borrow?
pinto carb on a datsun
Found 2 620’s in junk yard
’78 620 Brake Problem
rear end
Swapping L18 head to L20B block.
Natural Gas Conversion?
oil pumps
anybody got $200.00 I can borrow?
Dash repairs
Datsun guy in need
Weber Carbs Info
Bleach, I’m not a liar..........
V8 in 620
Should I or Shouldn’t I
Attn Hainz
check this out
Anyone need truck parts???
a87 or u67 need help
WHITE smoke! Lots of it!
has everyone seen this?
custom wheels
510 Headers
Factory Cam Specs.
Ebay befuddles me
Has anyone been here??
Digital dreams!!
truck bed cover for 521
Hey Bleach
Rear tailight electrical problem
620 hood
the very simple seatbelt install
Glass or Metal Float Chamber Cover
I got some sweet seats!!
ok Mr. Bleach and others...
Unique wheels for a 521/620 in Atlanta
The truck!!!!!
I really try to like everyone, but.....
datsun pick up questions
I quick question for you guys
timing marks on pulley
Found a cam, need header?
240Z 4-speed VS MY 4-speed
engine smokes
has anyone....?
510 Revell Model
Platinum Spark Plugs
faulty sparkplugs
78 620 L20b need intake,cam,header.
Datsun Owners In Tacoma
Were is BRE 620??
SUs on my 620! *PICS*
E.I. ignition or points?
new to club, but not the 620
Backfire question??
Offenhauser Intake manifold for Datsun
Ok I am starting a big project.
521 Nissan Factory Service Manual?
head I.D. on 620resouce site
East coast people, 521 parts for sale
Round port Header on eBay
stupid brake ?
Engine choices
Steering box/gear switcheroo
620 truck for sale in Washington
2 nice trucks on e bay!!!
E-Bay rip off notification
California Mini Body Kits
Bucket Seats
XR700 Crane/Allison Ignition
Off Topic EBay
5 Speed
rear end gears
Fender Flares& Airdam
Dangit! U20+L16=NOPE!
Right Hand Drive
Fuel Injection
Looks like it’ll work, guys!
Flat top pistons in my L18?
Datsun 620 FOR SALE Renton,WA
Killed truck, help.
Hey Bleach---
Forum Domination
Hey datsunaholic
I need a Weber 32/36 or a SU manifold!
some datsun stuff
some datsun stuff
some datsun stuff
De-smogging the ’73 620..
Carburetor for J13
Ford 2.3L Turbo in a 620?
Steering Wheel
old forum i liked