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280zx water pump question 1983
L20 engine to L18 'box
Group buy on Datsun windshields?
Continuing Saga...
Need Info: Datsun Motor in John Deer Tractor
Fuel Injection Help
New to the site ;-) pix
Dent Removal Made Easy!
Huston... We have exhaust!!!
Rust Removal
L18 crank in an L20b block?

I had the dollar, but I was still a day late...
new gas tank
dual-points to single points...?
Anyone know where to buy a METRIC drill bit?
PacCoast Clean out your PM's
Who sells connecting rods?
somebody get this!
Tee shirts
my bitchin christmas stuff
Icehouse is such a burnout!
weber carb ?????
We bagged the xB
Material on flattop piston
Shasta 2007
Golden Gardens 2007
Mickey Thompson
looking for an engine
demolition derby
ebay item
Decals/Bumper stickers
i want pics of a wagon please
New Kandy paint on my dads new xB
Casualties of the storm
fed up with 82 kc truck
SU info
what kinda rigs are at Pull-a-Part?
SunPro tach wiring...?
Gobble, Gobble
sss mainfold from ebay
Leafs vs. links?
truck wont start
my truck has CRABS!!
og #
Think a datsun could take this abuse?
Spring Heat í07 in Bullhead City AZ
Trailer? Or how to get rid of parts car?
dry sump?
competion clutch stuff
Oct 7th meet in Olympia
What is a B20?
L series turbo on ebay australia
All Nissan Show Vancouver B.C
check this out!
under diffuser
All Datsun Swap meet Sept. 17
swap meet south of Portland???
flat slide carbs
Will results of Clothing Optional Event..
240 su carbs
Well, it ís not a Datsun.......
77 B210 Honeybee
Whats the difference???
77 B210 Honeybee
Maryís Peak cruise
my B-day is wendís.. I want this
all datsun/nissan car show
Datsun Cruise to Mount St. Helens
Whatís a matchbox?
clerks 2 is the greatest movie ever
What is this rear out of?
Pertronix Ignitor
most 521ís in one place ever!!!
blue lake
thick weber adapter
fuel cell research
favorite datsun?
Datsun Swapmeet Sept 17th
Mission, Canada - Z meet pictures
junk yard numbers
Happy 4th of July!....but iím at work! 8{
my 2 ebay items..L00K
W-58 peanut head
fliggity blicket
DUCKBILL folks gone crazy
teds datsun bbq
Donít you just hate when....
A87 head
clutch master cylinder
I blew out my rear end.
seen this?
canby pics
Visions Open Show
Japanese car show 2006
All Japanese car show 2006
THE easiest way to bleed brakes!!!
Hereís my new toy
quit your damn whining!
whats the best clutch for my money???
Sunday all-Japanese Car Show, Victoria
Head work/buy?
Happy 5/21 Day!!!
aisan carbs :help me here kids
Dcoe questions
Heart felt thanks from Altered Motives!
Hainz L series video
Spark plug removal
Nuclear Fun Run 2006 pictures
Thanks, AMI
Best of the best: Closed chamber heads...
crash pic
L16 to L18 Crank Swap = L17 ?
HAPPY 5/10 DAY!!!!
AMI BBQ Role Call - Attendees please post
Who is going to Canby?
Bye, bye blue smoke blues
Identify this/these parts
rusted brake drums....wonít come off
group buy?
Tow Vehicle
ebay question
dyno day?
junk yard score2
Junkyard score...
Awesome JDM vid...
Need Ford 6.9l diesel starter
AMI BBQ Updated Date!! 5-13-06
first datsun
jeep pickup
side draught carbs..whats the best
Head Identification Made Easy
Low Profile Tires ?
A little L20B assistance please...
Blue smoke blues
bowing out for awhile
Door hinge repair
I need a L20 block and non smog head
L series valve adjustment
Whereís everyone from?
Northwest Nissans Annual BBQ Meet
I wanna know.......
Datsun Driving CANBY Fun í06
propane conversion
Taking poll for next AMI BBQ event.
tacoma area parts @ wrecking yard
l series electric water pumps
D$%# IT!
Clutch Fork and Slave Cylinder
Shasta í06!!!
am i missing something here?
Portland area cruise
L20 block
datsun 2000 price?
New zealand Datsun website
MSD Blaster 2 coils
front Cover parts #s
200sx fuel injection problems
donít miss this!!
Need VG30 help!
i went to sema
gaskets sets
L18 series engine
Help! Need a L-series motor!
L18 carbs?
Happy Halloween!
Stolen 521
]2edeye is a cheater
for all you eís and jís
Some interesting TECH
Datsun 521 swap (NEW PICíS RED 521))
AMI BBQ - Awesome turn out!
AMI BBQ 10/15/2005 **Roll call**
Parts Run 10-15...
Dizzy Question
temp guage/sensor question
NW AMI Datsun BBQ-10/15/05 Portland area.
Need a photo-chop. Calling artists.
parting out porsche 944
Timing mark set-up.
Z Borg Warner Tranny?
HELP!!!! clutch stuck?
water pump question
chevy question - yikes!
power steering.
MAACO, yay, or no f**kin way?
Paging D-holic, 72 f100 start trouble
flying 210
Invitation:Meeting of the Mindz
All Japanese car show.
a silly question indeed.
anybody need a 40?
Shasta 2005
Canby Datsun Meet 2005
HEY íHOLIC......................
anyone wanna come to where its sunny?
No Subject
83 720 4 by P/U head gasket
LSD unit
Engines from Oz
HAPPY 05/10/05 DAY!!...Itís 510 day!
ebay lsdís
my girlfriends thing doesnít work
a piece
OH NO! Its 05-05-05!
Datsun Meet 5/7/05 - NorthCentral Oregon
hey Bleach!!!
head swap
electronic or points
supercharger question
youíll be damned
Alfa romeo race cars
L20B Flywheel Question
NAPZ Truck Tranny Swap
I am screwed!!!
í65 410 modifications
Bucket Seats for Sale - Civic & Prelude
!ACK! someone busted my window out!!!
84 sx turbo into a 77 sx w/ l20b
hey! 77 sx in seattle needs some advice!
Back corner of garage
CarFax VIN report
ford f100 conversion
Strange L16
More Head Questions....
Peanut Head
Professional Emission Tester question
U67 head/cam tower question
Where to find Mustang Cobra R wheels
81 datsun 210 for sale
ford firing order
Front Grill Info
CA20 swap
Datsun Mechanic
Selling my í58 ford
Changing gears in LSD
Which weight engine oil to use?
Pics from Clothing Optional and my 510
5-Speed Speedo Cable Adapter
Is Glas Still Available?
Experimental Engineering
Dogleg Cross Member
510 Electronic Ignition conversion
Stock 2 DR and 4 DR front seats
need electritian
Oregon Title Questions HELP!
Anyone Got Stock Seats?
5 Speed Dogleg Tranny Mount
is this a goodbuy?
S.U. ís
New Purchase w/ ?ís
W53 or A87 head?
510 cylider head
brush and grille guards
Looking for í77 B210 hatchback parts
Tuesday September 28th, Track Day at PR
MindZ 2004 - Aug 21-22
datsun meet?
NWDE at the seattle vintage races
Hey Bleach....
620 L20 Radiators 77-78
Four tires for sale - 14 inch
check this out!
1962 L320 1200 pickup could be yours!
bumper pics for anubis 99
67 spl 311
Cylinder head issue
Blue Lake 2004
Where to post this....hmmm
87 Supra
Parting Out: 1986 Ford Thunderbird
New Datsun toys!
Word to the wise- file the sellers report
Formula 1 ....soon
A Sad Day Indeed, for Vancouver WA.
Way OT (Powered snow sled)
Old School Datsuns
found a H-20...fork-lift-only,or what??
Z-TRANS. which one?year?ratios
Flash Drag Racing Game!
OT The wind storm
Whatís on your list???
What are these men doing???
Can you picture Randy driving this?
What is Bump Steer?
SES Fuel Injection?
Australian V8 supercars
WHOA you guys gotta see this!
Earwig ? from Ryan
A nice Sunday drive with Northwest-Z!
WAAAYY off topic: Future President!
New parts supplier!
Weíve all been there...
Engine weights?
The project begins...
Invite to meeting 08/17/03
What rear end ( 3rd member ) is this???
WOT...Iím getting sued!!
E-mail change
Can anyone give an explination of
Datsun 510 forums?
Anyone go to the Champ Car race last week
Vinyl Graphics???
Dane Smith and my old Z18 turbo?
Ladies only parking
NWDE Meeting tonight
NWDE Autocross Sunday June 15!
280zx Cross Wheels on a Toyota?`
Donít try this at home...
Bead blasting
VLSD feel on cornering?
what is the Best 4 banger motor nissan..
membership app
Iíd like to join NWDE!
Have you seen this?
NISMO parts
Pertronix Elect Ignitions
Batt drain
Question for the moderator!
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