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Farmer's Ride
New to this.
SR20det into a 521
Non Datsun related project.
buick v6 in a 620
Bagging a very afraid's been a while
My Truckita
new member w/ 411 wagon
81 510 wagon- 3rd attempt to make an '81 live...
POR 15
Bio-Diesel Truck
Need Help
67 Nissan Patrol VK56DE engine.
FWD SR20 into an RWD car? Can it work?
So my KA swap finally begins...
Framing Project
240SX - SR killer
why swap a ka when you can swap a ls1??
ethan, are those your buns?
Greiggy’s 620 buildup !! TOY-620!!
And here is my new 620 project
Open vs closed chamber heads... visuals?
My 73 620
my new 620
Five Speed Trans
L16 forged pistons
project 69’
Ninja Nissan
tranny question
My 510 project... The on going saga...
all Jazzed up
Teaser time
Subaru LSD questions...
76 620 for fun
speedometer gear
Engine swap delima...
’83 720
The Purple Haze
Crazy Idea? Maybe?
My 521 Custom Project
All Terrain Engine Stand
Gauge cluster problems
’77 620 w/ KA24E swap
A 620 work in progress.....
A little luck with me today...
I got a manifold......2!!!!!
78’ Datsun 620 King Cab
Its the new Datsun trend!
My umm 620
Z car rebuild
Newbie With Project Pics
I love Ebay.....
the 510, if u like pics click here!
L28 tranny? identify my find?
My 510
ST springs - 280ZX
510 FJ20 project
78 Datsun 620 King Cab
flashing marker lights
W-58 w/o liners
My Lady is in the garage
I need a head job
A little more love
Datsun 1600 emblems on Ebay
I got a manifold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Door Panel ReDux
Torsion Bar Indexing...
71 V8 project for sale
auto to manual ’73 620
my 510 wagon
The ultimate 280ZX modification!
82 280ZX Turbo manifold gasket
different oil pan types for L motors?
How I roll
Offenhauser, Gold, and NOS!
My 65 L320 project!
Head Gasket & L4N71B
Quick t/o bearing swap and.............
79 K/C Layin Hard Pics
Aussie Ebay
new L20b and old my minivan
Hainz’ Chromex powder coating
desmoging help w58 head
521 to be crewed
’74 & ’76 620s on craigslist
Brass Shifter Bushings
My 73 Bullet
Boy am I exhausted....
rusty floor 620
Brake Issues! M/C Upgrade!
Turbo L
Quick transmission swap & suspension drop
’73 620
Ryans truck rebuild
The Bastard Child begins
72 510 wgn mklotz70
fourdoor dually project
Choptana aka a chopped Fontana 620
7 cans of flat black...
My 73 620
The $100 77 620 Deluxe
Dual Dipsticks!
my work in progress. any ideas
pull over, I can’t hold it anymore.......
240z dash
Front Suspension Decision
project wagon
’75 620
My 74 620 project!!
HELP!! where is the fuel pump relay?!?
Heater Blower Motor
280ZX Turbo engine swap
I’m so piston
The Final Dayz
L Series Electronic Ignition Upgrade
For Sale: 2 door handles, slightly used
510 wagon exhaust
My 78 king cab
Latest 2 acquisitions
The 521 emerge.
new project..the o.d. :)
My ’76 620
Random pic’s
New project, [32] 65 L 320
My L16 install
My long travel
built me another engine
something broken thats finly not my fault
Project Monster Datsun
parts compatability question
521 Astro seats
Intake manifold question
Bluelake and bust
awhile since you’ve seen ethan’s buns?
Wheel upgrade on the daily driver
Finally getting started on the 710
My pl521
Tha green machine is coming
a topic
my 68 2 door
Got myself a Z31
so gloat eth
I little progress on the ’76 4X4
one turbo boosted the other
Datsun Sundance Jet Boat
My first 620
so it end eth?
Turbo Trip
Holley 2300 for an L20B
WTB: ’80-’82 Z22 block or motor
Snapped a Head Bolt ,HELP
More minor progress
so it begin eth.
minor progress
T5 transmission swap in 280ZX
Water Pump Pulley Interchange
It’s been a while
Weber problems with the 620 KingCab
New project, 65 L 320 !
620 plans
Extra mirrors Ethan, wanna bolt em on?
Women drivers in SUVs
one started the other
Dash options
All done
New Commuter!
Yellowcar progress
my new 510 proj.
Just starting my first Roadster
blue beater progress
junkyard dog
Interior progress
body parts everywhere!
Datsun 620 drop-in bedliner
Thorttlle body cold air intake
the 720
Nissan letter relocation!
ZEED’S 620 project
Datsun / Nissan patches & emblems!
Extra buns Ethan, wanna kiss em?
the begining...
Started the next project...
My friends 620
New Bumper
620 insanity
Good bye lean green bed on my machine
My custom steering wheel
next project
Front cover comes off!
Griffin radiator
New Wheels on Bluestreak
My custom motor mounts!
Door Pannels
Dead Pedal
Kid went to live with mom,left 521,for a
’71 Pathfinder?
frontend bushing kit-72 521??????
chilton manual#52500 page3-35
wrong timing chain marked wrong,or what??
The 520 is here at home,finally!EEEK!
620 Brake Work
MY "Blue Beater"
Yellow car project update
progress lowpsi
blue beater
neutral offset 15x8 wheels,7204x4ouch!
I have a 66 520,need suggestions....
Another Project
New Seats
Pressure Bleeder Project
Another new forum