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Topic: Anyone Here Use a MagnaFlow?
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bullet Topic: Anyone Here Use a MagnaFlow?
    Posted: 25 August 2003 at 1:58am

Hey guys, about a month ago I had the whole exhaust replaced on my '72 Dime. The factory system was rusted through. Anyway, I had the whole exhaust replaced with 2.25" pipe and a MagnaFlow 2.25" offset/offset muffler w/a 2.5" tip installed.

Here's the thing, the car is pretty quiet at idle and normal cruising. However, if I am speeding up or hard into it the exhaust is pretty loud. I guess I am getting old because "loud" doesn't do it for me anymore.  So I thought about having another MagnaFlow muffler installed in-line. I would just buy a larger cased muffler, but there isn't alot of room under the stock location.

MagnaFlow mufflers are a straight-through design so I can't imagine there being much HP loss by adding the second muffler.

But what do you guys think?


-'72 510 2dr
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bullet Posted: 25 August 2003 at 8:55am
This is MY opionion.
2.25 is a little on the big side.
I have a Dyno max Ulta flow(100$) which is a straight thru stainless muffler with dual Mikunis. Its not loud at all but I have a only a 1.75 in pipe going to it.
Center inlet off set outlet.
The Dyno max Super turbo is more of a quiter design but just does a S insde is there is more chance of absorbing some noise.
Thrush makes a Mini turbo muffler(USA made) in the Summit catalog. for cheap but havent ran this myself. If you want quite go with a 3 chamber turbo muffler.
I think Borla makes a stainless one but $$$$.

On here you will get different views but if you want quite I think take a 3 chamber in your case a 2 in ch minimum.

A buddies here rusted out in 3 years(flowmaster) which was close to 100$. also was buzzy at 4k RPMs Toyota T100 truck

If you dont like the Thrush its cheap enought to throw away if you dont like it. But years ago they did suck. But I think were made in Mexico at the time.

But if you dont like noise the 3 chamber turbo from walker,Thrush is more what you want I think.

Its up to you anyway what you want! But the Dynomax website had the size I wanted. A small muffler that would fit under a 510 and 521 correctly. Welded a nice hager on there so people cant see it call it good!

But there is a saying you get what you pay for also.
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