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Topic: Turn Signal Switch Doesn’t Return
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bullet Topic: Turn Signal Switch Doesn’t Return
    Posted: 24 August 2003 at 8:22pm

Hey guys, my turn signals work however they don't "return" after completing the turn. Any idea what's wrong before I tear into it? Is this a common problem with 510's?

How do I fix it? Are the parts still availible?


Sorry for the rant, just trying to get everything in working order.


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bullet Posted: 25 August 2003 at 1:06am
take the steering wheel off...and take a look around...it's fairly easy to see how it all works...

but theres a couple of little pointy things on the back of the steering wheel that turns the indicators off.....make sure they are there, and that the otherside works ok....give everything a spray with CRC....and see if it works
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bullet Posted: 25 August 2003 at 8:38am
Datsun boy clean out your mail box!

Use your L16 pan and pick up on the L20. get a L16 dip stick.
I put 4.5 quarts in there myself when I had a L20 in a 510.

As for the cam lash The last motor I did .006 in intake and .008 ex on a cold motor.
See if this makes less noise. Also I used the bigger ratainer cause I had bigger lash pads that fit in there nice and tight.
Some people use the bigger pads in the stock retainers and they can be a little loose. I dont know if this makes it more noisey.

Also I used new Rockers on new cams. I dont know if using a Used Rocker will cause it to were faster(I never tried this myself)

But if running a bigger cam will be a little more noisey as they say but mine seem fine. Mine all have bigger cams.

As for the org ? here with the turn signals.
As Datsun Boy stated ther will be 2 post in the east west possision of the sreering wheel. Thses will disengage the turn signal.
However if wheel is a after market type you need the correct adapter so this can work. I had a beat 510 with NO adapter and the turn signal would not work cause the post were not there or not far enought on the steering post(deep enough to engage)If I remember correctly.
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bullet Posted: 26 August 2003 at 12:16am
i turned a corner commin' home and my turn signal didn't cancle. one of the roll pins in my Grant steering wheel adapter worked out. i'm pretty sure that it only happened 'cause we were talkin' about it on this thread. there's no way that beating the f*ck and sh*t out of it in the desert most of last weekend could have done it. yea, it was jinxed for sure. oh well, it was a quick fix and the addition of some Locktite should keep it that way. no cable, this is a rant.
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