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bullet Topic: 5 Speed Clutch Question
    Posted: 14 August 2003 at 9:44pm

I recently purchased a 71 510 with a L18 and ZX 5 Speed. The clutch grabs really close to the floor (I have to mash the pedal to the floor to get the car in any gear) and a mechanic told me there is no more adjustment left to fix it, and that I probably need a new clutch. Does that sound right? I always thought that a bad/worn clutch would run out of adjustment at the top of the pedal, not the bottom. I'm thinking the clutch may be the wrong type. If I need a new clutch, do I get a 280ZX clutch or a 510 clutch?


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bullet Posted: 14 August 2003 at 11:16pm
The common rule of thumb is to get the clutch and throw out bearing that match. So if you have the ZX bearing get the ZX clutch. If you have a 510 bearing get the 510 clutch.

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bullet Posted: 15 August 2003 at 9:01am
This is what I know.
My 510s are L16/18s. Thses are from the cars which use a 200mm disc.
These will bolt to the 5 bolt L16/18 flywheel. Also a Roadster clutch will fit also using the stock 200mm disc.
The part# is 30210-20111. Write this down!!!Nissanparts.cc has these for 64$ and well worth it. Its double the clamping force.

Datsunaholic says ,I also seen listed that some truck flywheels use a 225 mm dics on the L18s. So I know nothing about them but know that they are a 5 bolt flywheel.

One thing I know is I would get the roadster clutch if you have a L16/18 motor.

I use Roadster clutches on 2 of my 510s and just use the 510 T/O bearing& collar. This is allso good with the 77-79 200SX 5 speeds installed on L16/18s. I dont know if installed on a L-20. I would just use the 200sx part#s then(stock).
As for the 280ZX Trans I dont know which T/O bearing you would use.
I know the L20b and 6 cylinder Flywheels are differentfrom th L16/18s and at least the spacing for putting the flywheel down to the pressure plate is different at least the one I have in the garage. I put my Roadster clutch on there and it would not line up on the dowels. It seems it was a smaller dia clutch plate.
Edward [lordedward56@msn.com] just installed a 280zx trans in a L20 you could ask him. But then again he has a 6 bolt flywheel which is the same a the Z cars or close to it.
I know you can start out with the roadster pressure plate. The rest you have to know or try out.
But Datsunaholic and Randy of this site NWDEorg would know.more on this.(he said diffe Z cars had different length collors!)for the T/O bearings.

Also if going to a 280zx trans I believe you already have a Z gear reduction starter on there. The 510 one will not seat back far enough!

Maybe just bleed your clutch master so you know its out all the way.

A long time ago I got to change a clutch and was given the wrong T/O bearing from B&B autoparts here in Renton. Boy I was pissed. I didnt ck it. I was from a Z car and the clutch wouldnt fully engage. I think if I remember right the T/o bearing was to big which didnt let the fingers of the clutch out all the way.

If anything from this you can get a Roadster clutch(or 510/610 clutch) for sure and use the stock disc or if possible get a Daiken disc.

I hope this helps somewhat!
I would ck to make sure your T/O lever is coming out all the way and one way to do this is bleed your slave cylinder. Pump the clutch in and have someone open the bleed screw while the pedal is this down,then the lever will fully release and then tighen the bleed screw.Unless you have the wrong collars which is not big enought to full engage the full travel of all the fingers of the clutch.
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bullet Posted: 15 August 2003 at 11:23am

My guess is that you have the wrong T/O Collar

I just swapped out a truck 5 speed for a 280ZX 5 speed and the Collar for the ZX is longer than the collar for the truck trans. (about 1" behind the bearing vs 2.5-3")

With the truck trans I was *just* able to adjust the slave rod long enough to be able to disengage the clutch. With the longer ZX collar The adjustment is now were it should be

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