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Topic: Napz Conv/Datsunaholic,anybody
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bullet Topic: Napz Conv/Datsunaholic,anybody
    Posted: 30 June 2003 at 9:54am
My cousins husband in Hawaii has just picked up a 510(wagon) with a napz motor and wishes it convert it back to a L-20 which he has.
Unfortunatly I know nothing of how they convert it to a 2 coil system using a stock 510 wireing. Or how you would convert it back.
I dont know if it has the newer coils or how its riged up/
He also said his alternator is not charging the battery. Which I think know is a IR alternator.
To me this sounds like a previous owners hack job.
He has another wireing harness to put in the engine bay if all else fails.
Need help info to relay on.
I have seen Napz conversions but never paid attention to them cause I dont care for the napz heads. I always thought it was a step in the wrong direction.
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bullet Posted: 30 June 2003 at 10:59am
Oh, going back is easy- so long as they didn't mess up the mounts.

As for the 2-coil system, the pair fire at the same time using the same signal from the EI Dizzy, if they used the stock wiring. You have to put back the condenser and ballast resistor if going back to points (I shudder at the thought) but unless they came up with a new way to feed the second coil they'd be hooked up simply by jumpering the two coild + to +, - to -. The '81 510 was wired that way stock; the truck NAPS-Z had separate fuses for each coil. Should be easy to go back. If using a L20B EI then just leave one of the NAPS-Z coils or ge a nice strong-spark coil. If going back to points a weaker coil would avoid premature point pitting but you already know that...

The rest is a lot of "replace what got changed" like throttle linkage, tranny, etc. If it has a NAPS-Z oriented dogleg that will cause a bit of headache- the mount will get twisted pretty hard.
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