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Topic: Five Speed Trans
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    Posted: 04 November 2006 at 11:51pm

Hi I'm new to this site but have been collecting Datsuns for some time. I am currently building a '71 521 and plan on using a five speed I bought but I'm unsure of the ratios and where it came from. I was hoping I could get some feedback or pointed in the right direction on where to look for this info. I was told it was from a later model truck but none of those #'s match. The #'s on this trans read as follows: 7Z02628 and there is an L-3 stamped on the side. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. And as for the truck, I've lowered it 3", Toxic shocks in front, had the seat done and I'm in the process of  mounting 16"x6" and 16"x7" steel wheels on this thing. Still running the stock L-16 w/A-87 head and downdraft for now. L-20/A-87, header and dual mikunis are in the garage awaiting the death of the L-16! Pictures will be posted in the truck forum soon after the 16"s are installed. Thanks again for any help,


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 bullet Posted: 05 November 2006 at 12:39pm
your trans should have a model number like FS5XXXX
if it is from a later truck L series then it should have "71B" cast on the extension housing...
search on here as there is some good info on tranny's posted by Datsunaholic.
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