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Topic: blue beater
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    Posted: 09 December 2003 at 2:17pm
I finally got the blue beater on the road after months of procrastinating, now i can finally get stuff done to the green machine like get the floors welded and fix some minor rust here and there and then repaint it. The little ol' 74 620 runs like a brand new vehicle and ive never driven a 620 with brakes like this thing, the previous owner replaced all the drums adjusters and cylinders so i barley even touch the pedal and im stopped (without locking em up). Anyways here are some pics of the beast, nothing special but it's a good runner and im not going to bother doing any work to it unless i get really boared, for now it's just my daily driver.

as you can see the truck has been painted a few different colors in it's time.

and a bonus it even has a tach and a 5 speed already

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bullet Posted: 09 December 2003 at 2:38pm
Been through a few color changes, hasn't it?

My '74 was yellow, now blue. Title says green.

My '78 4X4 was orange, then painted pastel blue (same as original Datsun blue) then dark metallic blue.

But I've been calling my '78 510 hatchback the "Blue Beater" since the day I got it running in 1994. The '80 510 2-door that got creamed in the back (but I kept driving it anyway) was the "Blue Beater Too".

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bullet Posted: 09 December 2003 at 10:46pm

looks like a solid project

wow brakes that work thats a novel idea

mine are not safe but i drive it everywhere any how

not into looking for new drums and sh..

or the work to redo the brakes just yet

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