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Topic: fog lights
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bullet Topic: fog lights
    Posted: 01 November 2003 at 12:35pm
got those mb fog lights, but having trouble hooking them up, i want to find the easiest, but best way to do this
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bullet Posted: 02 November 2003 at 3:17am
ummm......switch, relay, and grunty wires
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bullet Posted: 02 November 2003 at 8:46am
Waht I did w/my Hellas

Is there is a switch in the kit. A small blk box. One wire positve (red wire I when straight to the battery(there is a fuse inline). The otherside of that will be 2 wire that go to the lights at the light they will be grounded by you routing the grnd wire to a bolt.

The 2 other wire are the trigger. What I did is using some knife connectors I stuck it inbetween the wire plastic wall in the high beam connector. What happens is when the high beams are off there is 12 volts on both sides of the connector. When you hit the high beam a grnd is routed to one side of the connector and it lights up. I dont think it matters which side it hooks up But you got a basic Idea now.
I dont use the switch in the kit. This keeps me from leaving it on by mistake.

I just seen MB. I think it would be like stock high beams
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